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June 12, 2018

Gina Danner Trade Show Insights

Gina Danner, CEO of NextPage and a direct mail and marketing expert, was recently the special guest on Trade Show Insights, a monthly podcast hosted by Marlys Arnold. The two discussed how trade shows and direct mail go together and how direct mail has evolved with technology for a whole new life.  Specifically, Danner talked about combining direct mail strategies for trade show success.

“Customers appreciate knowing that we as marketers know them and are seeking their hot buttons,” Danner said. “Let’s pretend for a second that we have a [trade] show coming up that targets a variety of individuals or a variety of companies and we’ll pretend there are 3 or 4 categories that you’re going to attend at this show. Maybe it’s a medical conference and you’re going to have doctors and nurses and administrative personnel there. If we have data points, meaning titles or credentials or what education track individuals are on, we can then create a direct mail package that targets individuals based on what track of information they’re likely to be most interested in, or we talk to them in a way that is relevant to who they are.”

Danner explained how much direct mail helps in keeping clients and prospects engaged before and after trade shows.  While trade show exhibits are a great in-person communication channel, they are expensive and only allow you to interact with people once. But if you combine them with direct mail, you create a consistent multi-channel strategy. In these cases, direct mail works better than email marketing because it’s more engaging and memorable. Danner cited variable data printing and IP Targeting as excellent ways to target the right people at the right time with the right message.

Listen to the entire episode here:

Marlys Arnold

Marlys Arnold, the podcast’s host, is a leading expert in exhibit marketing strategy and organization. She is the founder of Exhibit Marketers Café, an online educational community for trade show marketers. She travels the country and trains people on producing experiential exhibits that recruit a high number of leads. Arnold is also the author of the books Build a Better Trade Show Image and Exhibit Design That Works. Subscribe to her podcast at


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