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May 18, 2020

Worth Every Penny

8 Points to justify your content budget in a crisis

Departments everywhere are fighting tooth and nail for their budgets, and marketing is often first to see cuts. How do you defend your spending when the chips are down? According to the Content Marketing Institute’s “2020 Content Management & Strategy Survey” report, 72% reported that their company views content as a core business strategy, yet not enough is invested in it. Here are 8 talking points to justify your content marketing budget from Hero’s Journey Content’s “The Business Case for Content During COVID-19”.

History Is On Your Side
GE. Disney. The iPod. Major businesses and products have launched and prospered during times of crisis. You just need to take the opportunity.

Cutting Content Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Did you lose subscribers and sales because they lost interest or because you decreased your value? If you stop creating new content then you are bound to see your numbers drop.

There Is Less Competition Now
As marketing budgets are cut, the amount of marketing noise is decreasing. There is no better time than now to stand out with thoughtful content.

Panic Is A Cereal Killer
During the Great Depression, the leading cereal brand Post pulled back on marketing. Kellogg doubled their advertising, came out on top and is still thriving.

It’s A Long Game
You’ve built up your brand loyalty via content marketing and your consumers rely on you for it. What happens when you stop producing what they’ve come to expect?

The Stats Are Still True
Nearly three out of four B2B content marketers credited their content strategy for their brand’s improved performance. Content marketing generates three times more leads per dollar spent than paid search ads and conversion rates are almost six times higher

The Journey Matters
People are hesitant to buy right now. That doesn’t mean that you stop marketing to them. Content marketing touches all stages of the buyer’s journey, not just the end.

This, Too, Shall Pass
And when it does, your customers will remember who was there for them and who went dark. Focus on content marketing now so your brand will come through on top.

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