Building a Roadmap for the Buying Decision Process

Map out the buying process and help prospects and customers navigate their way to a buying decision.

Today’s decision makers have changed. They scrutinize buying options more carefully. Their expectations are higher across the board. They want to understand the opportunity costs of making a purchasing decision; or rather, the value of the alternatives that he or she is giving up to choose your company.

Undoubtedly, your prospects control the buying process.

To help decision makers navigate successfully through the buying decision process, imagine your team of sales and marketing professionals as city planners or heads of transportation. It is their task to build the onramps, highways and traffic lights that will keep your prospects moving to the destination: a buying decision.

As heads of transportation, your sales and marketing will need to define the key communication points needed along this educational and relationship-building process.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns are perfect for complimenting sales interactions with automatic mailand email communications. But be careful. Not every interaction with the buyer or customer is about closing a new deal; it’s about delivering relevant information at the right time to the right individual. If you add irrelevant messages or touches, congestion ensues and the buyer goes elsewhere to obtain the information they need.

Decision makers want more information. We’re not just talking about an extended list of features and benefits. We’re talking about empowerment through education, fact finding, and knowledge acquisition.

Companies are currently grappling for pole position as the trusted advisor, a role now paramount to success for not only new business, but for up-selling and cross-selling existing clients as well. The question for you is whether your company will be the source of this information or will your prospects go elsewhere to satisfy their curiosity?

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