What is Your Plan for a “Mysterious” Market?

The chairman of Standard and Poor’s Index CommitteeDavid Blitzer, described what the real estate market would look like in 2015 with one word, “Mysterious.” For professionals making their living off of the success of the Real Estate market, this probably wasn’t the most reassuring word.

A few synonyms for the word ‘mysterious’: secretive, enigmatic, shadowy, furtive, cagey, cryptic, covert, stealthy and surreptitious.

 Not the most confidence inspiring choice of vocabulary.

If you are in the real estate profession; remaining positive and confident in the future of the real estate market will enhance your persona and inspire trust and loyalty from your clients. Being cautiously optimistic and covering all your bases will help you sleep at night while you do so.

If you are in all other professions, you know that the real estate market drives much of our economy. You will want to follow the same advice.

There has never been a time where your direct marketing efforts were more important. Maintaining exposure and showcasing expertise is the foundation for building a solid and reliable business. Creating a steady stream of referrals and prospects will keep you in business, even in a ‘mysterious’ market.


Utilize all the tools at your disposal:

Building an authoritative reputation for a niche community or a niche industry takes a multi-channel effort . Building relationships takes time; building trust takes time and effort.   Strengthen your foundation by layering the ways in which you communicate with prospects and clients. Reach out to a professional to help plan your strategy.

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